Buck Wheat Hull - Air washed grown without pesticides in US

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Premium Buckwheat Hulls

Making Your Own Pillow:

The premium buckwheat hulls grown and milled in the U.S.A. These are the same top-quality air-cleaned buckwheat hulls.  With every purchase of buckwheat hulls from our suppliers, we painstakingly inspect all sources and purchase only the very best available.

 You can use hulls on such projects as pillow stand,neck pillows, bolster pillows, meditation cushions or stuffed animals. 

About Organic Buckwheat Hulls:

Buckwheat crops are seldom damaged by insects or disease and therefore can be grown without pesticides. In fact, there are no registered herbicides or pesticides for farming buckwheat (1). A buckwheat crop mellows the soil, outperforms any weeds and requires very little fertilizer (2). Therefore, organic certification is not the most significant factor involved in our crop choice. When selecting hulls we are primarily concerned with the physical quality of the hulls; they must be intact (not crushed flat). Some milling processes aren't very gentle and will crush the hulls, making them less malleable / springy and also significantly reducing airflow through the pillow.

We prefer certified organic buckwheat hulls when they’re available, but when a non-certified crop is of superior quality, we’ll select that one. The currently shipping crop is not certified, but guaranteed to be of superior quality to anything currently available in the U.S.A.

Certified Organic Buckwheat Hulls Aren't Necessarily Better Buckwheat Hulls

Certified organic does not indicate quality. Dirty, crushed hulls are sometimes sold as certified organic mulch. The photos below are examples of lower quality, small or crushed buckwheat hulls. These are examples of hulls that belong in the dirt, not in your pillow!

organic buckwheat hulls - sample #1 organic buckwheat hulls - sample #1


Every Bamboosa Stand  ships filled with buckwheat hulls. You may decide to purchase extra hulls and we have two quantities to choose from: 1lb to 40lbs

Premium Air washed Bamboosa Buck Wheat Hulls

organic buckwheat hulls - sample #1 


  •     Naturally grown without pesticide
  •     Air washed
  •     USA Grown 


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